By Laws

• ASLERD Past Presidents

At the end of their term as President of the Association, they join the Executive Committee as with voting rights to ensure the transfer of expertise and take advantage of the experience gained during their term of office.

• ASLERD National sections

to take in consideration the opening a national section the proposal should involve at least 20 ASLERD’s individuals members or 3 Institution members living in a giving Nation; moreover at least half plus one of them should sign the request to open the national section.

• Funds risen by ASLERD 

For what it concerns the participation to competitive calls to support activities and projects at local level, provided that they are not obtained concurrently with Institutions to which belong its members, the General Assemply hold on 20th of May 2016 approved the following by law:
“Funds acquired by ASLERD following proposals presented by its members and aimed at sustaining local scientific and/or didactic activities will remain in the disposal of the scientific responsible of the project, apart from the amount of money needed to cover the management of the funds according to the Italian lows regulating the administration of a scientific associations. The scientific responsible of the funds, however is advised to make a donation aimed at supporting ASLERD activities and purposes. This amount of such donation is not fixed and it is up to the scientific responsible of the funds but s/he is advised to donate to ALERD between 5% and 10% of the funds.”

• Donations

All donations should be accompanied by the indication of how the donation is expected to be used and ASLERD commits itself to publish on its website a detailed report on how the donations have been used.

• ASLERD award of high quality scientific Journal 

Request of attribution of award of high quality scientific Journal can be taken in consideration only for Journals that have been accepted at least for SCOPUS indexing or that have all the characteristics to be potentially accepted for SCOPUS indexing.
List of Journals that up to now have been awarded as high quality scientific Journal:
• Educational Technology Research & Development (Springer)
• IJDLDC – International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competencies (ING global)
• IxD&A – Interaction Design and Architecture(s)
• Je-LKS – Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society (SIe-L)