Since 2012 individuals and Institutions that are now members of ASLERD have promoted several events to rise awareness about the relevance of learning in the development of “smart cities and regions” and of the development of Smart Learning Ecosystems as engines of social innovation and regional development.
Here below the list of the events organized before the first SLERD conference hold in Timisoara (SLERD conferences)


• 2016

@ EMEM 2016
ASLERD has co-organizes 3 panels:
1. ‘Learning Ecosystems as knots of the regional development’
in collaboration with SIe-L and RUIAP
2. ‘Evaluation of Learning Ecosystems: opinions and experiences’
in collaboration with SIe-L 
3. Design literacy as engine of the future education
 panel description  (in italian)

• 2015

Achieving territorial smartness and economic development is a process strongly dependent on citizens’ expectations, engagement and competences, as well as on socio-cultural border conditions. Learning is unavoidably one of its driving forces, although scarcely considered by the most popular smart city models, ICT solutions and benchmarking approaches.

• 2014

• 2013

• 2012