Previous editions

Previous editions:

SLERD 2016: Timisoara, Romania, 19-20 May 2016

SLERD 2017: Aveiro, Portugal,

SLERD 2018: Aalborg, Denmark, 23-25 May 2018
The interplay of data, technology, place and people
(note: the website of this edition was maintained by the University of Aalborg and it is no longer available)

SLERD 2019 Rome, Italy, 21-24 May 2019
Project and design literacy as cornerstones of smart education

SLERD 2020 On-line
Pedagogical approaches, ludic and co-design strategies & tools supporting smart learning ecosystems and smart education

SLERD 2021 On-line
SLERD reload: smart learning ecosystems and the regional development after the pandemic

SLERD 2022 Bucharest, Romania
Towards the polyphonic construction of a new normality

SLERD 2023 Tallinn, Estonia
SLE as engines of the green and digital transition

Video recordings of the last editions (2020-2021-2022) are available on the Youtube channel of ASLERD